Why Identify Product Contaminants?

Contamination is a threat to product integrity and a common cause of consumer complaints. Timely identification allows clients to determine origin, establish liability and ensure the appropriate corrective action is taken. Accurate identification is the single most important piece of intelligence required when determining the response to a product contamination. RQA Food Forensics™ seamlessly integrates the expertise of leaders in forensic analysis and unknown identification with expert microbiological laboratories and RQA’s best in class sample retrieval capabilities. Clients can follow the progress of a contamination incident from the time a sample enters our custody to completion of the analysis via a secure, proprietary web-based reporting system. The interactive program allows clients to request further analyses or obtain more details as required.

The nature and causes of contamination can be determined by application of advanced non-destructive microscopy techniques and complementary analytical procedures in order to identify the source and origin of:

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